My name is Giada

Once upon a time there was a girl striving to become a hostess. Time passed by, the girl grew old and she changed her mind after a memorable experience. Year 2011, she applied for a position in a hotel, she succeeded and she left Italy. The hotel was brand new and was located in one of the world’s richest countries: the State of Kuwait. She couldn’t believe her eyes when touched the Kuwait ground after hours of flight. She did not know it was only the beginning of a great experience that signed her life. The hotel was amazing, people were wonderful, the atmosphere unforgettable. And there, she realized she could not do anything else than working in a hotel for the rest of her life.


After a Master in Tourism Management and Hotellerie, and other several experiences in the Tourism Industry she is now one of the active Members of the biggest Tourism Club of the world, the Skal. At the same time she works for a luxury hotel in her home-town where she works as Guest Experience and Quality Manager.


This is me. Here I am now. To give you “I hope” useful tips to anyone who is interested in Tourism, who is a travel-lover, who is just curious. Take the tip like a pill and follow me!

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